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Special offers of trips to the Patagonia Towers of the Paine, The Chalten, Glaciers, Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia. The adventure lives in the End of the World, excursions all included , trekking, navigations for fiords ,lodging and transports for the all patagonia. contact us to organize your trip.

Des offres spéciales de voyages en Patagonie les Torres du Paine, du Chalten, de Glaciers, la Terre du Feu et d'Ushuaia. elle vit l'aventure dans la fin du Monde, d'excursions tout inclus trekking, senderismo des navigations par des fjords un logement transporte par tout le patagonie. nous contacte pour organiser ton voyage.

Spezielle Versorgungsmaterialien Reisen zum Patagonia Torres des Paine, Das Chalten, Gletscher, Tierra del Fuego und Ushuaia. Das Abenteuer im Ziel lebt auf der Welt, Exkursionen alles einschließlich Trekking, Navigationen durch die Fjorde, die Transporte durch alles patagonia unterbringen. Contactanos, zum Ihrer Reise zu organisieren.

Ofertas especiales de viajes a la Patagonia Torres del Paine , El Chalten , Glaciares , Tierra del Fuego y Ushuaia . Vive la aventura en el Fin del Mundo, excursiones todo incluido trekking , senderismo navegaciones por fiordos alojamiento transporte por toda la patagonia . Contactanos para organizar tu viaje .

Fontes especiais dos desengates ao Patagonia Torres do Paine, O Chalten, Geleiras, Terra de Fuego e de Ushuaia. A aventura no alvo vive no mundo, excursions tudo including trekking, navegações pelos fiords , alojam, transportes por todo o patagonia. Contactanos para organizar seu desengate.

Ofertes especials de viatges a la patagònia Torres del Paine, El Chalten, Glaceres , Tierra del Fuego i Ushuaia. Viu l'aventura en el Fi Cap del Mundo, excursions tot inclòs trekking, senderisme navegacions per fiords allotjament transport per tota la patagonia. Posa'ns en contacte per organitzar el teu viatge.

Mapa Excursiones Patagonia Austral

Cabo de Hornos
Cabo de Hornos - 7 days

Day 1:
In the morning, 10.00 h, you catch a DAP flight from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams. You will travel in a small TWIN-OTTER plane or a CESSNA, the latter with ten seats. The flight to Puerto Williams takes one hour, with the flight over the Darwin Range among the most spectacular air voyages in all of South America. In Puerto Williams, the captain will meet you, and in just ten minutes in a car, you will arrive at the Yacht Club Micalvi. Once on board, all will be assigned their beds, and each will be able to arrange his luggage. The technical functioning of the boat, as well as the safety measures, will be explained. We will have a sunset "Patagonian Asado." In the yacht club's bar, we will toast the day together with a pisco sour. Puerto Williams is home to Villa Ukika, where the last descendents of the Yamanas, Tierra del Fuego's first inhabitants, live today. We can also visit a beaver pond close by or learn about local natural history and Yamana history at the Museum Martín Gusinde.

Day 2:
We will sail the length of the Beagle Channel, heading west, passing the small ranches framed by the grandeur of the Tierra del Fuegian landscape. Today's destination is the Murray Channel, which separates Hoste Island from Navarino Island. Hoste's interior shelters the remains of what was once the center of the Yamana culture. Depending on the direction of the wind, we will choose one of the channel's many bays and spend the night there.

Looking for the end of the world


Day 3:
We will sail towards Nassau Bay, passing by Hardy Island, whose eastern flank holds hidden coves. The coves are an essential shield of earth that shelters us from the almost always strong winds from the west. By the 1900s, many expeditions found protection here, which let them complete their anthropological and geographic missions.

Day 4:
We drive on towards the southeast, over the Mantellero Channel, in the heart of the Wollaston Archipelago. We will wait in Maxwell Cove for ideal conditions in which to round Cape Horn. Just 15 miles separate us from the southernmost point in South America.

Day 5:
LThe first opportunity will be taken - we will round Cape Horn. If weather conditions permit, we will visit the personnel stationed at the Chilean Naval Station, who take care of the lighthouse in this solitary place. In the small wind-beaten Chapel Stella Maris, we will remember the people of the sea, who in this desolate Cape, lost their lives fighting the hostile elements of nature. At sunset, we will anchor10 miles north, in Martial Cove.

Day 6:
Today's destination: Puerto Toro. One hundred years ago, Puerto Toro was considered the administrative center of the southernmost part of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. With gold fever over, Puerto Toro became the tranquil hamlet it is today. Today, the local fishing fleet uses the port as a base in the archipelago. With some luck, we will enjoy "centolla," the prized southern king crab.

Day 7:
We will pass by a shipwrecked transport vessel, and along the length of the coast, isolated estates. On Martillo-Island, a Magellan penguin colonie is situated on the beach during breeding season. This permits some close observations. At sunset, Puerto Williams will receive us again. In the Yacht Club Micalvi's bar, the new "Cape Horniers" will toast with the traditional pisco sour for their successful crossing. The night you will stay at HOSTAL COIRON, the Sea&Ice&Mountains Adventures guesthouse.

The return to Punta Arenas is by air from Puerto Williams.

¿End of the world or beginning of everything?