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Special offers of trips to the Patagonia Towers of the Paine, The Chalten, Glaciers, Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia. The adventure lives in the End of the World, excursions all included , trekking, navigations for fiords ,lodging and transports for the all patagonia. contact us to organize your trip.

Des offres spéciales de voyages en Patagonie les Torres du Paine, du Chalten, de Glaciers, la Terre du Feu et d'Ushuaia. elle vit l'aventure dans la fin du Monde, d'excursions tout inclus trekking, senderismo des navigations par des fjords un logement transporte par tout le patagonie. nous contacte pour organiser ton voyage.

Spezielle Versorgungsmaterialien Reisen zum Patagonia Torres des Paine, Das Chalten, Gletscher, Tierra del Fuego und Ushuaia. Das Abenteuer im Ziel lebt auf der Welt, Exkursionen alles einschließlich Trekking, Navigationen durch die Fjorde, die Transporte durch alles patagonia unterbringen. Contactanos, zum Ihrer Reise zu organisieren.

Ofertas especiales de viajes a la Patagonia Torres del Paine , El Chalten , Glaciares , Tierra del Fuego y Ushuaia . Vive la aventura en el Fin del Mundo, excursiones todo incluido trekking , senderismo navegaciones por fiordos alojamiento transporte por toda la patagonia . Contactanos para organizar tu viaje .

Fontes especiais dos desengates ao Patagonia Torres do Paine, O Chalten, Geleiras, Terra de Fuego e de Ushuaia. A aventura no alvo vive no mundo, excursions tudo including trekking, navegações pelos fiords , alojam, transportes por todo o patagonia. Contactanos para organizar seu desengate.

Ofertes especials de viatges a la patagònia Torres del Paine, El Chalten, Glaceres , Tierra del Fuego i Ushuaia. Viu l'aventura en el Fi Cap del Mundo, excursions tot inclòs trekking, senderisme navegacions per fiords allotjament transport per tota la patagonia. Posa'ns en contacte per organitzar el teu viatge.

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Art and Knowledge Araucanian in the Lake Budi

Art and Knowledge Araucanian in the Lake Budi


The best way to know the culture and the history Araucanian is participating of its everyday life and learning of its activities, its landscape and its craft.

This circuit contemplates a traveled through by the marvelous landscapes of the Lake Budi and the option to participate of diverse own activities of the life Araucanian: in the visit to an orchard they will be able to discover the secrets of the each time more valued medicine natural Araucanian; will learn of the women Araucanian the gastronomic art; and they will work elbow to elbow with the artisans in the elaboration of diverse products.

LThe option to lodge in a typical Araucanian ruka can result an unforgettable experience, while the walks in rowboat, in wagon or to horse they will transform this trip is a true outdoor adventure.

The learning regarding the culture and the history of this town is also interactive, through conferences or cultural and artistic activities in which the visitors are transformed also in important protagonists.


  DURATION: 2 days, 1 nigth
  PERIOD: All the year
  GROUPS: From 5 to 15 people

It Includes

•  Local Guide
•  Reception in the Paliwe Ad Lewfu
•  Transfer in boat from Ad Lewfu to camping Ragwe
•  Transfer in wagon
•  Cavalcade into of the community
•  Visit to a medicinal orchard
•  Participation in gastronomic workshop
•  Interactive Conference on culture Araucanian
•  Visit to artisans and participation in elaboration of products
•  Participation in artistic-cultural program
•  Lodging in family lodging Araucanian Trawunpeyüm, Ad Lewfu or Ina Lewfu / 1 night
•  Full board